Maverick Needs & New Home

The building of Maverick brewery has taken a big set back after a successful crowdfunding campaign.


We launched our crowd funding campaign to ask for help with the costs of the building refurbishment, the installation of our brewery, and to fit out the new tap room after COVID-19 struck and we lost allot of our funding!

Since the crowd funding and after lock down 3.0 we have had the ground pulled out from under us and we lost our dream location.

Read the full story on our News & Updates page and see what we are doing to find a new home and what you can do to help us find an amazing location for our brewery and taproom.


Receiving the backing needed has meant that we can launch Maverick Brewing Co into the world. This is situation is a setback but it will not stop us making awesome beers and our plans to deliver back to the community through training opportunities, recruitment and accessible venue space.