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Maverick Brewing Co is a small batch craft focused brewery based in North Hampshire that has a passion for making a difference by making great beer, for good.


About Maverick

With a background in process and chemical engineering the obvious thing to do was to open a brewery right? Pandemics, unscrupulous landlords, a national shortage of suitable industrial space and a global recession would have stopped most people opening a brewery.  Not us.

With a focus on producing modern, and hop forward hazy styles, bitter and crisp west coast IPA's, and a love for expressive European beers like french field Saisons and Czech pilsners.   


We don’t gauge our success on growth. We measure our success by how good we are to the community around us, how great we are to our people, and the quality of our beer that you are drinking.


Maverick is here to pay back to the community around us by providing jobs and training to people that need it while being a force for good through great beer.


These are the things that we measure ourselves by and what we want to be judged against.


Live life by your own measures and be more Maverick


Beers on tap right now plus one off brewery exclusive trial batches.

Image by Markus Spiske

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Tap Room

Our on site tap room is now open so you can come and enjoy our brewery fresh and ever rotating range of beers on site, right at the brewery where they are made. 

At the tap room here in Kingsley you will be able to get your hands on some beers that you wont be able to find any where else because our small batches mean that there just wont be enough to go around. This includes our experimental beers where we have made one off batches using hops, yeasts or grain we have managed to bag so we can make these special beers likely never to be made again.


In addition to having permanant free delivery from our friends from 350 Burgers @ the Shed we will have a range of on site artisan vendors and food trucks for weekends. There is so much for everyone at the tap room in our family friendly and inclusive brewery.


If you've been out enjoying the wonderful countryside around us, on your bike, or on foot, you and your dog are welcome too!

So come along and have a beer and say hi.


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Did you know we run a monthly brewery tour?

Come and enjoy a brewing education and brewery tour led by Hod the founder and the head of mayhem at Maverick Brewing.


Unit 4b, Ganders Park, Forge Road, Kingsley, Hampshire, GU35 9LU

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Tap Room
Opening Hours

Friday: 4:30 - 9pm

Saturday: 2pm - 9pm

Sunday: 2pm - 6pm


Maverick Brewing Co Limited – Unit 4b, Ganders Park, Forge Road, Kingsley, Hampshire, GU35 9LU. Registered in England and Wales, Companies House number 11819405, VAT GB364674076, AWRS XKAW00000118923

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