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Its taken a long time but its really been worth it!

We nearly lost hope.... Hopefully you have been following us on social media and you have seen that we have gone and landed the keys to the new home for our very own Maverick brewery. If not go an follow us on Facebook, Instagram or twitter to keep up to date. It has been a long time coming with many up's and downs along the way but we could not be more stoked than we are right now. As you will know, we have been on quite the roller coaster these last 2 years or so, bringing Maverick to life. Now it has eventually led us to here and we already getting things underway and we are full steam ahead. We had been keeping this potential new place under wraps just in case we were disappointed again at the last minute. We have got our hopes up too many times to get ahead of ourselves. So we couldn't believe it when we got the call that the lease had completed and keys handed over while we were over 3000 miles away in New England. More on why we were there at a later date.... And now here we are, back in the UK, keys in hand, and with construction already under way. Now while the place is getting new floors, a cold room and a bar built, and the all important brewery installed, we will be going through all of the procedures of getting the necessary permits and licenses from our council and licensing team. Our new landlords have been truly awesome and its amazing to such supportive and brilliant people involved in the brewery. Already we have been bowled over by the positivity and messages of support from you all on social media. The council have been great about our license application and people have been getting in touch with messages of good luck and support for our new home and saying that they cannot wait for us to open and get serving you all our beers in the tap room. We really have felt the love. Our new home is not where we had planned... One of the key details of this endeavor and the crowdfunding has been that the home for our brewery and tap room would be in Farnham. We launched our crowd funding and started actively publicizing our plans and get people excited about what we were doing; bringing something new and fresh to the town we love. The crowdfunding was amazing. We gained so much support and received so much love for what we wanted to achieve, it just blew us away. Part of the reason that it has taken us so long to find the right place is that we have just been holding out for that perfect place in Farnham that we had always promised. But after 2 years and many disappointments that location just hasn't materialized. And then that's when we found a great semi rural spot with awesome landlords that we just couldn't turn down. For those of your who haven't been keeping up on us on the socials our new location for the Brewery and tap room will be in Kingsley Hampshire, on the Ganders business Park, Forge Road. Its about 15-18 minutes drive south from Farnham center. Whats next? Construction is now underway and we are working with our wonderful landlords and our new neighbors, who we are sharing our building with, to get the build completed as quick as is possible. More on our new neighbors to follow later..... We will be working flat out to get the brewery built and start commissioning the brew house and doing test brews in December. With a view that we want to be able to start brewing in earnest in the early new year so we could start selling to trade and also hopefully being able to sell cans & draft beers in early February. We cannot wait and we have lots of work ahead of us but we are so excited to get Maverick off the ground. We hope you are too! If you haven't, follow us on the socials to get more regular updates on the build and fit out progress. We really do appreciate everyone's patience while we have searched to find the right spot and also all of your support while we get this thing off the ground and build our vision. Team Maverick #bemoremaverick

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