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We like to brew what we love to drink.


We are working towards launching the brewery and tap room with at least three beers available and on sale at our opening for  draft and also in 440ml can in the tap room.


We also plan to have these three beers available for sale to our trade friends. Please drop us an e-mail if you want to go onto our trade mailing list to get notified when we are releasing cans and kegs.


We know you will enjoy discovering them all, fresh from cans or on draft.

Soft and hoppy IPA's, light and drinkable pale ales and expressive European styles.


Always distinctive beers but with a

rebellious streak.




This beer has been a labor of love for us ever since its inception over 3 years ago. We have worked on and developed this beer so much more than any other to get it right to achieve the piney and bright aroma that the simcoe hops bring to then get them to balance in the depth of flavor that herbs provide.


We use herbs at different stages of the brewing process in combination with one of our favorite hops to make it sing and give this beer a unique and drinkable character while being backed up by the soft and juicy character which we love to bring in our beers. Everything we work with is pieces, and it is those pieces that we fit together to make this beer.


And that’s where the name is derived. This beer translates into us putting the pieces together to make Maverick a reality, and it is those ingredients, or those pieces, that we have found fit together that make this beer a whole.


This beer is a style that is close to our hearts and shows the diversity of beers we love. This particular beer has been a firm favorite with all of us and our friends to drink through these hot summer days.


This beer is crisp and nicely thirst quenching with a light noble hop flavor backed up by another favorite hop of ours, Hallertau Blanc. At only 4.7% this beer you can enjoy all day with its subtle peppery notes and a clean finish, just how we think a Saison should be. The name and the artwork is inspired by the beers name sake.


In some ways we feel like Icarus, we dare to fly close to the sun. We also feel that we are taking a flight of faith with opening the brewery and its that bold bravery we believe should be named into one of our launch beers. And isn't the artwork a stunner. Inspired by the beers name sake and also by those hot summer nights.


This beer is very special to us in so many ways. Hazy, very soft and with a low bitterness this IPA just oozes ripe mango's from lots of hops that give a wonderful piney and citrus flavor and aroma.


This is a beer that was inspired and developed during lock down. And during that time we came up with its name. During lock down we all felt alone from our friends, away from loved ones, and distant from our family. But we managed to stay together and connected to each other in one way or another be it through technology, or from a simple wave across the street to a neighbor. We all felt alone, but together.


This beer is also special because of the amazing artwork. This is our first can design in a series of beers planned for 2021. This collaboration on our "original art" can series will showcase the most amazing local artist that we want to use in a series of special can art and beers through our first year.


This is exactly why Maverick is here. It is here to support and promote the amazing people and artists in our community and bring them to you.


We are looking forward to pressing the 'GO' button with being able to bring you these beers very soon.

Sign up below to be the first to hear when new beers will be released or e-mail us direct to go onto our trade mailing list.

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